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About me (v.2016)

I’m seeking a job in Singapore!

Software engineer with 10 years of experience in developing web applications, backend applications and application frameworks.

Research new technology quickly to give solutions for hard problems, not depend on programming languages.

The ability to lead a small team to achieve important goals in a short time.

A flexible team member who enjoys learning new skills and quickly adapts to organizational changes.


  • GitHub - traprange - develop and implement my own algorithm to extract table content in PDF files
  • GitHub - pi-oi - develop and implement my own algorithm to find local IP address of a Raspberry Pi faster than other solutions
  • GitHub - rewebrtc - build video call app with React Native and WebRTC
  • GitHub - RNCharts - charts for React Native app
  • Nodejs - buncha - An IoC container supports annotation scanner, automatically detect code changes and hot reload
  • Stack Overflow - write ~60 answers. Active in java, javascript, nodejs, html, css and 80 other tags.
  • Dzone.com - publish some articles on Dzone.com
  • Chiaki.vn - an e-commerce site - design and implementation of backend services




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